WETA Hobbit BOLG Statue

Rp6.480.000 Rp4.212.000

THE HOBBIT – BOLG 1/6 Scale Statue.
Limited edition of 1000.

Tinggi 37 cm.

Dimensions:10.62″ x 14.56″ x 6.69″ (W x H x D) 27 cm x 37 cm x 17 cm
Weight:2.86 lbs (1.3 kg)

MISB, Ready Stock

Nomaden Collectibles
HP/ WA: 0822-8555-3577


Spawn of the dreaded Orc chieftain Azog, whom they call the Defiler, Bolg is a towering brute with slashed skin, a rotted stub for a nose, and a baleful, single-eyed stare.

Crudely bound with strips of torn and bolted steel, Bolg’s shattered skull is home to cruel intelligence, no less ugly than his riven visage. Tall for his kind, he looms menacingly over the lesser Orc minions under his command. As a lieutenant in service to the shadowy Necromancer, Bolg scours the wilderness between Dol Guldur and the ancient Orc fortress at Gundabad.

Armed with a great, bladed mace and armoured in sheaves of corroding steel bolted into his festering flesh, Bolg is a match for even the strongest Dwarf, man or Elf. When his hunt for Thorin Oakenshield brings him to Esgaroth and across the path of Legolas, son of Thranduil, Bolg gives the Elf-prince more fight than the Woodland Realm’s champion expects, leaving him bloodied and astonished as the Orc rides away.


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