WETA LOTR statue Ringwraith at the ford


Limited Edition of 750
Tinggi 45 cm.

The Nazgûl were the greatest of Sauron’s fell servants. Immortal beings enslaved by Rings of Power to serve the will of the Dark Lord, the nine Ringwraiths spread fear and dread wherever they went. Few could withstand their coming, empowered as they were by the spirit of Sauron inhabiting them.

Dimensions: 21.65″ x 17.71″ x 14.56″ (W x H x D) 55 cm x 45 cm x 37 cm
Weight: 26.45 lbs (12 kg)

DP pre-order Rp 4.500.000 dari total Rp12.700.000
Sisa dibayar full pada saat barang ready stock.
Deadline sampai slot terakhir.
ETA Q1 2020.

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When word reached Mordor that the long lost Ring had been found, the Nine were dispatched as riders in black to hunt for its bearer. In this task they were relentless, giving no quarter and needing no rest or sustenance. Even the horses that bore them would run until their bodies crumbled, spurred beyond the limits of endurance by the terror on their backs.

At the Ford of the River Bruinen the Ringwraiths caught up with their quarry. Already wounded, Frodo Baggins was close to death and could flee no further. As his black-cowled pursuers prepared to cross the river and claim him, the Hobbit’s protector, Arwen, called upon the waters of her father’s realm. Mighty though they were, the Ringwraiths had good reason to fear the Bruinen, for it flowed through Elven lands and a powerful enchantment lay upon it. Rising like a wall of stampeding white horses, the river turned wild and threw itself at the Wraiths, putting the Nine to flight as it bore down upon them.


Expertly sculpted by Brigitte Wuest, lead sculptor on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, this highly detailed statue captures Weta Workshop craftsmanship in menacing detail. Shrouded in darkness, the Wraith’s robes billow out behind as he urges his possessed steed toward the Ringbearer. Weta Workshop’s paint department have recreated the tell-tale signs of the Wraith’s never-ending search, adding a muddied travel cloak and bloodied horse. Near clear, water-effect resin appears to splash up from the River Bruinen, moments before it gives chase to the Nine.

This Limited Edition sculpture completes the famous ‘Flight to the Ford’ scene, alongside Arwen and Frodo on Asfaloth.


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