Factory Entertainment Wonder Woman sword


Pedang Original Factory Entertainment Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Official License, Prop Replica.

Each replica includes a display stand, numbered plaque, certificate of authenticity and a prop story booklet.

Product Size: 0.5″ H (12.7mm) x 7″ W (177.8mm) x 30″ L (762mm)*
Product Weight: 5.00 lbs (2.27 kg)*

DP pre-order Rp3.850.000
Sisa dibayar full pada saat barang ready stock.
ETA Q1 2020

HARGA BELUM TERMASUK ONGKOS KIRIM (Ongkir dihitung setelah barang ready).

Note: buat pajangan, tumpul, bukan untuk alat bela diri..!!!

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A high quality, officially licensed replica of the ‘Godkiller’ prop sword used by Princess Diana of Themyscira (played by Gal Gadot) in the highly successful Warner Bros. / DC motion picture, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman ascended a high tower on Themyscira to acquire one of the many gifts the gods gave to the Amazons to use in her efforts to slay Ares the God of War. Any ordinary weapon wouldn’t stand a chance against such an powerful foe, so she obtained a sword fashioned by Zeus himself, the God Killer.

Copied directly from the original prop sword with exacting attention to detail, this stunning 30-inch heavy duty replica has a hand forged blade made from stainless steel and features Amazonian runic script on the fuller as seen on the actual sword. The high quality gold colored metal alloy hilt captures mirrored dragons biting into the blade with reptilian armor wrapping around the handle, ultimately resulting in the end of their tails creating a ridged pommel.

License: DC Comics
Type: Prop Replica
Manufacturer: Factory Entertainment


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